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Move DLA lifetime recipients to PIP without further demoralisation and humiliation, government is urged

on March 30, 2016

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Having had the British government drop its planned £30 a week cut, from next year, to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for new claimants placed in the Work-Related – another campaign is now under way.

PIP is a new benefit aimed at replacing the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) but the transfer of people between the two has been slow and laborious – and still hasn’t been finished.

Some people were awarded DLA for set periods of time before their claims had to be reviewed but the people with more serious disabilities that were not going to improve, including MS, were give lifetime or indefinite awards

The change-over to PIP, however, means that working age recipients of DLA lifetime awards are being invited to apply for PIP and go through the assessment process all over again.

Now, however, campaign group 38 degrees is saying that a second assessment is both demoralising and humiliating. As such, it is calling for DLA lifetime award recipients be moved to PIP without the needs for further assessment.

Debbilyn Low, of 38 Degrees, said: “People awarded this lifetime status have already proved to the government that their illness or disability will not get better for the entirety of that person’s life. The government has already accepted and agree that these people are the most vulnerable by awarding lifetime status when they applied for DLA.

“I have friends who were awarded DLA for life but when summoned for assessment for PIP they have had the entire award taken away from them.

“Ask yourself this: ‘How can the government now decide – after their doctors and specialists have examined and assessed the person and then awarded DLA – that they are no longer in need?

“These are the Doctors and Specialists that the government paid for their services, so is the government now saying that it has no trust in the people they employed to assess a claim for DLA?”

The 38 Degrees group is now behind a petition on its website calling for new Work and Pensions Secretary, Steve Crabb, to take action.

The petition reads: ‘Move people who are awarded LIFETIME or indefinite awards on DLA straight over to PIP without the need for demoralisation and humiliation AGAIN…most have already been through this when applying for DLA previously.’

So far it has gained close to 19,000 signatures.


  • Why does the group call itself 38 Degrees? On its website, the group says: ‘38 Degrees is the angle at which snowflakes come together to form an avalanche – together we’re unstoppable’.

8 Responses to “Move DLA lifetime recipients to PIP without further demoralisation and humiliation, government is urged”

  1. Robert Davies says:

    Save time and money leave us alone!

  2. Anita Woronycz says:

    Been there, done it,I’m weary. There’s no cure for fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis is degenerative.

  3. Bob Williams-Findlay says:

    I’m not a dog, I don’t do tricks. I understand why the change from DLA to PIP took place – it was to introduce an assessment process that is biased and has nothing to do with addressing the extra cost of Disability.

    PIP is not-fit-for-purpose = Persecutes Innocent People. Scrap PIP

    Until this is done, protect existing claimants.

  4. julian smithson says:

    i don’t need protecting from terrorists.i need protecting from this government.i have m.s n live in fear of these people.

  5. Susan Cass says:

    How stressful for people to have to go through this ,and how much money is it costing to reassess people

  6. Ginge says:

    The cost of reassessing lifetime awards is a joke. The stress this causes people will flare up their conditions. How many times and how many people have to be told what our conditions are like for us on a day to day basis. Our lives are nothing like they should be or used to be, leave us alone, it has difficult enough facing every day never mind another round of uncomfortable chairs in clinics, wasting our precious time.

  7. Giddy gee says:

    I was disgusted with my assessment, answer yes or no only I was told, no time for discussions.. Most questions need a different answer to yes or no..I felt intimidated and they made me feel a fraud.. It was all taken away, when I was awarded a lifetime award of dla, having severe axonal Polyneuropathy, and oestoarthritis.. Now I find I can’t even afford to keep the house warm, food supplies have dropped, I cannot afford cabs, rural area, so one bus all day that leave too early.. It goes on, the stress has been overwhelming.. Demoralising the whole situation.. They decide our fate and they are not even medically trained. It stinks.

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