Is this another scam artist? They do exist

Seen on a Facebook multiple sclerosis site yesterday. I have removed the names to protect everyone. However, all the typing errors remain.

Chat Conversation Start

“Scammer” good morning

“Target” gm

“Scammer” am so happy to hear from you did you listen to the news this morning ?

“Target” what news?

“Scammer” Have you had about the new federal government grant our present as place on ground now?

“Target” no, I am in a really bad mood today. I want you to read something I did yesterday.

“Scammer” hello how are you doing today

“Target” I am pretty good, how about yourself?

“Scammer” am good really so happy now and eixtred

“Target” ok. I gotta ask, why the excitement?

“Scammer” i just got money from the federal government free help grant delivered to my door step by FedEx recently

“Target” oh really?

“Scammer” yes really serious about that. hope you got the good news about the federal government free help grant over their?

“Target” nope sure didn’t.

Let's be careful out there. (Picture:

Let’s be careful out there. (Picture:

“Scammer”  oh how come this. this is specifically made for people who need to pay up bills ,buy houses for going to school and ongoing for business for disable and retired people

“Target” oh really? do tell. hey question for you. do you know what tracking a ISP number does?

“Scammer” no i dont

“Target” I’ll tell ya in a minute, tell me about this money you got?

“Scammer” my friend that got the money first gave me the Facebook lawyer link to apply and i got the grant also

“Target” how much?

“Scammer” i got 150,000 delievred to my door step in cash by fedax

“Target” how can I do this?

“Scammer” i will need to give you the fecaebook lawyer link i applied with so you get yours also

“Target” ok, type it out.

“Scammer” here is the facebook lawyer link

Attachment Unavailable

This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

“Scammer” you have to write him a short message like good day sir i will like to apply for the federal government free help grant sir

“Target” okay, do you want to know what tracking an ISP number does?

“Scammer” yes

“Target” OK, it’s a thing I like to go when I thinnk / know people are running a scam. You see I track your ISP number. That gives me the address you have contacted me from and the name this ISP is registered too. And then I forward that information to my best friend, who works for the FBI, stationed out of New York. From that point he starts an investigation of that line. By the way thanks for being the third scam artist I will have busted this month…LMAO….the FBI will be contacting you soon.

“Scammer” what you saying

“Target” I’m saying I already have passed your information on to my best friend. I’m saying you picked the wrong person to try to scam.

“Scammer” It is a specifically place for those who need assistance paying for bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people,This is a new program,

“Target” okay, my brother is with the FBI, you are a scam artrist, I am tracking you internet survice provider as we speak. I will pass your name and address on to him to……God I hate you scam artist. Glad to be able to help get you busted by the FBI. the FBI will be in contact with you with in the next few days. You picked the wrong person tp try to scam.


“Scammer” Never ever have I had a conversation or chat with you

“Target”  someone just contacted me as you,

“Scammer” You need to stop posting my name on Facebook

“Target”  I tracked their location and passed it on to the FBI already.

“Target” scam artists need to know that they are easy to track and locate

“Commenter 1”  I had one of those…:)

“Commenter 2” Me too

“Commenter 3” Oh Snap! 😦 Are they getting our names from the 1 or more, of the FB MS sites;…then going down the list/’s? THAT would be “just” like a true scam artist, trying to take advantage; of someone w/ disabilities or the elderly. :-O

End of chat

Whether the quoted text is genuine or not, I cannot verify. Nor am I sure that “Target” is being truthful about tracing the address of the “Scammer” – and his best friend who supposedly works for the FBI suddenly morphed into being his brother.

However, I am aware of scams of this type. So keep alert, don’t be taken in. and remember the words of the sergeant in Hill Street Blues who at the end of his briefing always used to say: “One more thing, Be careful out there.”



MSNT strapline copy


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