Now more Tory MPs face disability charities’ anger

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Further to yesterday’s post about Conservative MP Kit Malthouse being told by Andover and Rural branch of the MS Society that it no longer wanted him as their patron, other MPs are now feeling the heat from charitable organisations with which they are aligned.

The MPs concerned, like Mr Malthouse, voted in favour of cuts to ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) that will see many thousands of people with disabilities being new claimants of ESA, lose £30 a week, compared with current claimants in the WRAG (Work-Related Activity group), from April next year.

The Conservatives argue that stripping disabled people of financial security will incentivise them to find work quicker.

A number of Conservative MPs are coming under increasing pressure to resign their own positions as patrons for disability groups following their vote to cut disability benefits.

London Tory mayoral candidate and MP Zak Goldsmith (pictured above, left) is also facing a call from Richmond AID, a local disability charity, to explain his decision to take money off some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.

Lucy Byrne, chief executive of Richmond AID said in a Tweet: “Richmond AID believes that the cuts to ESA which are due to be implemented on 1st April 2017 will have a severe and detrimental impact on the lives of disabled people and will make it more difficult for people to find work.

“It must be recognised that being a disabled person means higher general expenses, for example to keep warm, travel to activities, participate in the community and travel to medical appointments. For people that are close to getting back to the workplace, add to that the cost of taxis to interviews, smart clothes for work and internet access.

“We believe this cut moves disabled people further away from the workplace and increases the social isolation of people that are already vulnerable and experiencing barriers while seeking employment.

“We are shocked and disappointed to find that both our local MPs here in the borough of Richmond (Tania Mathias and Zac Goldsmith) have voted for this cut and plan to invite both MPs to our offices to explain the impact this will have on disabled people.    Lucy Byrne, chief executive of Richmond AID.”

Dr Taina Mathias (pictured above, right), an NHS doctor, is Conservative MP for Twickenham. Zak Goldsmith is Conservative MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston, and is his party’s candidate in the London Mayoral election.

11 thoughts on “Now more Tory MPs face disability charities’ anger

  1. Someone has to stand up for the sick and disabled and why should these MPs boast their profile by being a patron to a charity they do
    n’t really care about.


  2. I am shocked that a GP/MP.does not grasp the acute difficulties a person with ms faces on a daily basis.
    Soft targets the government always go after soft targets to achieve their financial cuts goal. The sick disabled and the elderly.
    Shameful totally shameful


    • Because like every capitalist loving Tory, she doesn’t actually give a shit. A new generation of Harold Shipmans are running surgeries now, except they are being paid for it. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  3. Hopefully Coastal West Sussex MIND will have the sense to publicly shame and force Peter Bottomley, Nick Gibb and Tim Loughton to resign as Vice Presidents.
    3,000+ signatures already on this petition…


  4. I would not want them to explain there position, I would sack them on the spot. They have already showed you what they think, what ever they say will be a load of do do. there full of it. SACK THEM. NASTY GREEDY PIGS.


  5. Both David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith are patrons of Motability time they left too as they both have a direct hand in cutting PIP and taking away disabled peoples mobility


  6. It is plainly obvious that these MPs look down on poor people in the same way that the Nazis looked down on the Jews. They, the master race and us, the sub-human.


  7. One rule for them and one for everyone else. Think how much they claim in expenses. It would boost disability money for everyone. Stop them claiming expenses it’s a well paid post to start with


  8. All charities need to disassociate themselves from these selfish MP’s, can you believe they can take money out of the pockets of the most needy in our society, charities should name and shame these MP’s then they might find ordinary people would give more, who knows, worth giving it a try all you charities out ther do t you think, integrity goes a long way!


  9. The truth is that the majority of these MPs are amoral unprincipled cowards. I have seen a number of them coming out saying that these proposed cuts were a mistake – such as Priti Patel and Boris Johnson. Well if that’s the case then WHY did they vote in favour of them? Answer – they are unprincipled opportunistic COWARDS. They have allowed their fear of their party whip to completely overshadow their supposed principles and as such I do not think any of them are worthy of office.


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